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I have been living in Poland for a quite a long time. At first I was sure that I was going to stay here just for a while. I came there for a study exchange and had no interest in learning local language. But then I met an amazing girl and I just fell in love.

Obviously, she knew English but her parents and a lot of friends wasn’t interested in using the foreign language. All of them kept on saying that after so long time in Poland, I should start speaking the language. I need to to agree that they were right. I can’t expect everybody to speak English. I had to do something my laziness. So, I made up my mind that I will sign up polish course warsaw.However, when I was searching for polish course warsaw, I found it quite not easy to make a decision.

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Why? Cause I found plenty of of various courses and teachers. Sadly, it took me a while before finding good tutor as well as learning method. I hope my short history would be helpful in your own journey.


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Firstly, I went to a language school. That could have been my mistake as I didn’t request how many people would be in my class. Therefore, I ended up in a big group. That was loud, crowded as well as awkward. Not everybody had time to speak up during conversations. Unluckily, I decided to quit (explore deals Po Polsku). Thereafter, I found a private tutor. But she was too focused on grammar. I couldn’t even say basic sentences but she wanted to explain me a difficult grammar. I didn’t like this and I wouldn’t suggest this to you neither. Focus on speaking. Even if this will be not grammatically correct. You would understand grammatical nuances in time.

After that, I have chosen another language course. That time I was aware that I have to ask everything about a group and the teacher. As a result I have ended up in a small group. What I really love was that we had lessons twice a week. On Mondays we had grammar and new words. On Friday we had just conversation. I really enjoyed this approach and it worked really well.
Thanks to attending that polish course warsaw , I succeed to make a quick progress. After a few monts I was able to have a great conversation with mother of my partner! They were really touched!


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