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These days, individuals in our country got much simpler life then couple of decades ago. Nothing surprising in that, cause after we became member of European Union the economy developed a lot.

But in medical sector still situation is not very good, mainly if we have to visit the dentist. Luckily we can either go to private doctor.
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Plenty of individuals in our country may visit almost every doctor for free. The only condition is to has special type of insurance. Often our boss is taking care of it for us, however sometimes, such as with students or retired, it’s country responsibility. However this method got plenty of flaws, dental implants Poland (see dental care in poland) don’t have for free for example. Beside the biggest inconvenience will be queues, which in case of dentist are really big. According of the city, for appointment you can wait also several months. It is really bad aspect, cause usually we’re visiting this specialist when our tooth is hurting. Surely we can also go to private doctor, however costs are very huge. To treat single tooth we may spend about 500 zlotych. Most of Polish citizens can not afford that, therefore they’re forced to try public service. But we’ve also another option, which is getting more popular each year. You may travel to any poorer country and in there try dental implants Poland is much cheaper then England or Germany so many of tourists of those countries are treating their teeth in here. The same method can use Polish tourists, but in Romania or Asia.

Alternative to combine traveling with treating the teeth is really popular in the continent and is becoming in style also in our country. Polish citizens like to travel so availability to join it with dental care is amazing for them. Only go to the web and find decent travel agency.


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