Outstanding technologies in present world – mobile phones and other electronic equipment – an impact on society.

Telephones have taken the world. In present society we can noticed a strong need of ability to communicate fast and with a appropriate quality. A large number of us have got 2 or 3 mobile phones which are connected with the Internet, we are using them for banking, buying and selling, work, contact with our friends and for personal needs. Mobile phones are powerful.

The first sms was sent in 1992 and from this very moment millions of messages are appearing everyday between telephone users in all over the world. A telephone is a fantastic thing and the amazing thing about this equipment is the speed in which it has overtaken the [lanet. The mobile software development is constantly growing up and earn more and more money for its chiefs. In the next few years users will constantly want more new and modern equipment. They will be smaller and faster, and of’ course they will be close to us, which means that computers, telephones and other devices will be connected to our body.


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It can seems a little frightful, but even today we have devices which help people move or language (for example machines which help Stephen Hawking). In 10 or 15 years from today it can be this very moment when people will pay, talk to each other by machines hidden in their flesh, that isn’t a science-fiction it is the nearest future. Back in time (in the 90s), you had got a mobile phone only when you really need one, nowadays the mobile users have the requirement of having mobile phones and for a large number of them there is no possibility to exist without their Smartphone – smt recruitment. We live very fast and we need to have got quick ways of communication, so there are mobile phones, social networks and Internet communicators, consequently global companies connected with mobile software development, computers, transferring databases have got a large income, but what is more important they have got a lot of information about their users. We have to be aware of a fact that every single thing that we put into Web stays in it eternity.

New technologies will be still developing and new inventions will be worked out. It is very interesting to look at this modifications, take part in it and see what does the nearest future brings.


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