Hinest vacations? Try Turkmenistan

Nowadays, Polish tourists have endless travel places to select, all because of cheap airline companies. Cause since we become members of EU, a lot of companies opened their branches in here.


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So when we’re organizing future vacations, we can have a hard time with that, mainly if we like to travel often.

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Less popular then Old Continent, but mostly worth to be explored is middle of Asia, with Turkmenistan Trip – – to that amazing country will be one of finest adventures in your lifetime, surely. Many of travel offices are offering tours to that destination, but it could be expensive. Fortunately, small airline carriers are providing flights to there, directly from our country. Thanks to that, when you book airline tickets early enough, you will be able to travel in there for a song.

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Beside, Turkmenistan is much cheaper then Poland, so hotel and food won’t cost you too much money, it’s guaranteed.

Turkmenistan trip

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And what to do in time of Turkmenistan trip – Plenty of options are affordable, depending on your preferences. If you are interested into interior design, you’ve to go to Ashgabat to see Carpet Museum, up there you will be able to appreciate amazing collection of finest, Arabic carpets. Beside, in the very same place, the admirer of architecture should be very happy. Cause Aschgabad has many great buildings, constructed in eclectic style, which is a mix of traditional, Muslim style and hi-tech ideas. Also, plenty of important monuments are located in there, such as Neutrality Memorial for example.
When you’re sick of normal, European holidays and you like to visit not ordinary country, Turkmenistan would be the finest for you.

Great weather, amazing monuments, a lot of art galleries – that location should be nice for any sort of tourist. Also, because of small airline companies, you will be able to travel in there in very reasonable price.


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