Two suggestions for trips for individuals interested in politics

Different individuals are interested in different things. Some of them like music, others prefer art. One person dreams about spending the whole holiday wandering around plenty of museums. Others would prefer rather to spend whole days on the beach. Nevertheless, there are also men and ladies who are interested in current political affairs. And they would like to spend their days off to become even more familiar with this field. For such men and women, we chose 2 suggestion for trip destinations that may be a perfect spots for them for holidays!
First suggested destination is Odessa. Flights from warsaw to Odessa were not very popular for a moment because of the political situation in Ukraine. Nonetheless, the situation did change recently.


Autor: Robert Fischbauer

At this moment, many men and women start to visit Ukraine on their holidays. As a result of that, more and more flights from warsaw to Odessa are easily accessible again. So why is it worth to go there? Those days, the situation in this part of Ukraine is stable thus you do not need to be worried about any dangerous situation there At the same time, the situation is still very interesting for somebody interested in politics. In this city, you can observe people who speak Russian and know not even a word of Ukrainian language, even though they often feel like Ukrainians – read. Consequently, if you decide to go there, you will have an opportunity to talk to guys and understand this mentality. It might be very interesting. Specially in the context of current situation of Ukraine now. What’s more, you will have a chance to get familiar with Ukranian history, thanks to various museum as well as monuments, which will help you to understand what makes the divided modern society looks this way, and what past events made Ukraine in the shape it is nowadays. It is already so tempting. And still need to mention this famous Potemkin Steps – 1 of the most famous stairs in the whole word!


Autor: Dantes Edmond
Another city to visit by guys interested in modern politics is Brussels. If you are 1 of these people, then obviously, there is no need to explain why it is worth to buy flights to Belgium. Brussels is widely known to be a capital city of EU. It is worth to go there to see all of those buildings, where the most relevant decision are made – After taking flights to Belgium, you will be able to also see different offices of lots of international organizations and lobby groups. What’s more, the headquarter of NATO is also located in Brussels. Due to above, it is hard to think of any other city in the word, which host a lot of substantial organizations, individuals and events. Therefore, if current political affairs are close to your heart, it is definitely the place that you need to visit. Brussels will unquestionably not disappoint you!


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