You wish to have fantastic longer weekend? Visit London!

Plenty years ago, just handful of Polish inhabitants were exploring UK for holiday. It was far away and expensive, many of us were preferring Baltic seashore back then. At the moment, everything had change. Plentyt of as known at least one person who have been there for a job or study, since we joined EU, many of not expensive flights from Warsaw to London are affordable. You have never visited this country earlier? You must to change it right away. Visiting London as a tourist is very great experience. Here are few hints for your debut tour there.

When you like to get the finest deal on flights to London, you must to use an internet. The faster you


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would do it, the finer prize you could get. If you book your seats half year before your travel, you will spend for it only few dozens Euro. There are many of domains that are selling great deals from many different carriers, if you wish to be up to date, it is fine to subscribe one of it. When you already get your ticket, now it is turn to find some fine hotel (read something more). The greatest method is to visit one out of several websites, that are showing offers from apartments all around the globe. You can find there a big sales. You only need to write down your destination point, date and preferred district. When you are interested just in the cheapest apartments, add your maximum limit for a price. Now you only have to pack your baggage and get ready for a flight. And don’t be afraid, it will took only about two hours, but you need to go from the airport to the city center, but not by a taxi, but using a bus – it is far much cheaper.


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Depend on what you like to see, London has many of attractions. If you want to see some great examples of wax statues, you have to visit Madam Tussaud Gallery. The queues are really huge, but it is definitely worth it. You can get a photograph with John Paul the 2nd or Brad Pitt – looking exactly like alive!. If you are an art lover, you have to visit Tate Britain, fascinating gallery with the best examples of British artists. You could watch there pieces of Gainsborough, Rossetti, Waterhouse, Bacon, Millais and plenty of more. Most of the paintings are from the 19th century, when English culture increased the most. Even if you are not familiar with those artists, you won’t regret this visit, it is for sure . Choosing flights from Warsaw to London without sightseeing is not really smart. Especially that capital has plenty of excellent monuments of architecture. For example Tower, former royal arrest, for political criminals – Maria Stuart was kept there. It was first created in 11th century, and was rebuild several times, but it is still Gothic structure. Another interesting example of British architecture is Westminster Palace, headquarter of national parliament. It was designed in late nineteenth century in New-Gothic style, after former structure was ruined during the fire.

England is a really nostalgic country, so when you find some interesting offers on flights to London, you must to buy it.

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Many of cultural events, romantic buildings, friendly people and tasty cuisine. London has it all.


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