Correlation between progress of technology and intensity of trade as an attribute that visibly influences the future of this sector

Increasing number of people currently tend to observe that majority of the goods they use daily come from another country. About half a century ago for instance for significant percentage of people buying something that would be produced in another country used to be believed as something luxury.


Autor: Paul van de Velde
However, as it has already been mentioned previously, improvement of technology and improving pace of development is referred to the fact that, firstly, the intensity of trade has also increased substantially. That’s the reason why, contemporarily getting good that has been developed in another country is not an exception, but routine. It connected with the fact that, first of all, owing to development of the transport infrastructure, opening of new motorways as well as increased airplane transports, it is generally much more attractive for a country to import cheaper commodities from another one even counting the costs of the transport. A worth mentioning example here is connected for instance with goods produced in eastern side of Europe that are sent to the western side such as Polish furniture that is known to be the most reliable and attractive.

As it has been presented previously, trade has become more and more intensified owing to different reasons. One of those is progress of the field of logistics that allow us to reduce the costs of the transport. As a result, substantial number of new corporations that aim is to increase the service standard decreasing the expenses at the same time. This indicates that transferring various goods even more than one thousand kilometers, owing to the efforts of the above mentioned experts has never been so cheaply available.

Therefore, trade certainly belongs to fields that have beautiful future in front of itself. It is indicated by the fact that the globalization is more and more accepted by the society worldwide, which indicates that the previously analyzed area has great place for further development.


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