Ways that innovations makes driving easier and funnier!

You possibly know that bmw is widely well-known for its innovation. However, when I say “innovation” I don’t mean just standard car gadgets, like for example new kind of engine or similar stuff. I am female thus I am not really into such things at all. I don’t get lots of topics which guys discuss when they talk about cars. Nevertheless, I like bmw as they offer practical solutions which are useful for every open-minded driver.


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I am going to give you an example. I love my mobile phone. I have on it such standard things like my music and films. Nonetheless, I also use plenty of various applications. I am not going to list them here as this is not substantial. I believe that you also have your favourite apps on your phone which you use on regular basis and you cannot imagine mobile without these apps.

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So as I mentioned already – I have my mobile with many apps I use regularly. So what is so amazing about bmw? There is one amazing thing which I call bmw apps. As a result of that, I can use my apps from my mobile while I am driving. Isn’t it great? I don’t need to back down on using them while driving due to the security reasons. Moreover, I don’t need risk my safety. Because of bmw apps I am able to connect to any app I need and use this in completely secure manner.


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I will provide you with one another example. Before I bought my own car, I used to borrow the car from my mother. I recall that when I became lost on the way and wanted to check where I was, I had to use navigation on my mobile. You presumably know how difficult it is to drive, remain focused, glance at phone and try to understand where you are. At this moment, when I have my own car, I am not afraid of using the newest gadgets which make my life easier. Thanks to nbt retrofit I have a navigation program already installed.
To conclude, there are lots of highly helpful technologies you could use for making your life of driver much more easy. Use them. At the beginning you need a bit of time to become familiar with them. However, once you get to know how they work and how to use them, you would just love them and couldn’t imagine your life without them!


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