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Nowadays, the customers who purchase cars require to purchase twenty-first century vehicles which matches their desires and which will be safe and full of todays gadgets.

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The vehicle companies do everything in their energy to make vehicles which satisfy their desires. Here is one company which is a leader in that kinds of cars – it is BMW car company.It is a German car or truck concern which manufactures cars since 1916 (almost 100 years). The cars which are made in the German company are present, stylish, safe and extremely practical.That article will describe the practical additions which were implemented into BMW vehicles.

1 of bmw apps (for more information click) which is worth to mention more is certainly the progress navigation system which is presented in most of the brand new cars. The most popular navigation system which is used in the majority of the latest cars is cic retrofit. It is a well-developed navigation which is constantly improved.

Some years ago, just the brand new vehicles were furnished with the newest navigation system. Nonetheless, nowadays every BMW’s driver can takes advantages of using this develop system. Today, the navigation system can be installed individually, no matter how old the car is.

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The pros of making a use of the navigation system:
• You will not get missing – the frequently modify navigation system will help you to get to you the place location with no any troubles. You will be direct by soft conversing speech to the place destination. The roadmaps are available to every region and each country. The program supports all dialects, even the most exotic ones like Asian and Polish.
• There are provided 3D maps – driving a car becomes progressively pleasant. The 3D roadmaps allow you to go the destination place without any misconceptions.

• The opportunity to play your preferred music and films when you do not make a use of the navigation – the CIC navigation offers 10” screen and seeing a movie is not a problem (read more). It can be practical plus when you have children and you want to give them something to do.


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