Progress of the electronics field as an attribute that has both its advantages as well as drawbacks

Contemporarily more and more people are interested in obtaining wide range of various commodities that aim is to make the life easier. In addition, thanks to them we can not only be certain that a variety of tasks would be substantially simpler, but also we should remember that they will be done substantially faster, which implies that we might save time.


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An attractive example is connected with dishwasher – let’s just compare how much time does it sometimes take to clean dishes after family dinner made for more than 10 people? For instance 20 years ago it would with no doubt take much more time than at present, as due to the progress of electronics sector we are provided with an interesting possibility to make various things substantially rapider.

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It is really influential for majority of the people, who belong to the younger generation.

It is connected with the fact that one of the most popular values for young people currently is connected with time. We may recognize it just passing by the streets of bigger cities. We are able to found out there that there is many people, who constantly live in hurry and would like to do everything rapidly and as fast as possible.

Although it is not negative at all, we ought to be aware of the fact that it is not the most crucial thing in life to be continuously fighting with time and systematically chasing something. Other important argument that can convince us to use miscellaneous products referred to electronics is that due to them we might obviously generate more time that can be spent for example on rest. Owing to it we are able to, hence, substantially better care about our health and make ourselves feel better. Consequently, we ought to realize that such commodities like those mentioned previously may have many benefits.

On the other side, they can also have disadvantages as using them is likely to only intensify our chase for doing more and faster. To sum up, electronics and the development of such a field is with no doubt something positive, but needs to be used appropriately in order to be healthy for us.


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