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Customer support is a “must-have” of any self-respecting company. There’s no other way to make your clients satisfied than talking directly to them, be always up to date with their opinions, wishes, ideas and complaints. You contact your clients by phone, email, chat, skype, social media chanels. It is a lot of work, but with that in fact you are building friendly connections with your clients and you make them want to use your services with pleasure.


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We burst with pride because we already did an integration with one of the best customer support tool in the world – Zendesk.

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If you want to know how much time your employees spent on each ticket, time tracking with Zendesk it the best solution for you. TimeCamp records every minute, your agents spend on each ticket and you can see it in report. It’s a great possibility to get know how your team work and which of customers send you the hardest, the most time-consuming issues.

You will manage work of your team better, you will know it’s weaknesses. You will be able to motivate some employees and reward others, you will be able to fix your customer support and make it perfectly adjusted to your clients’ needs.

Now I gonna show you how to do the integration. It’s a childs play. Here we go:
1. Go to Settings and Add-Ons & Integrations in TimeCamp.
2. Enter “Enable integration”
3. Now you will be moved to site and asked for signing up.
4. Click “Allow” button. Your ticket will be synchornized with TimeCamp.
5. Setup a desktop application on your computer to operate and control all activities in TimeCamp.

When the integration is done, data from Zendesk is being automatically moved to TimeCamp. All data are synchronised and from now, your employees can start solving ticket and track time at once. Using desktop app they will not have to operate TimeCamp, as in this way of time tracking with Zendesk, TimeCamp records time duration itself, automatically. So your workers will be able to focus only on their work, and you will be able to track their progress, checking their timesheets and observing their work effects in clear, extended reports.

What is also very important, there will appear a TimeCamp timer in Zendesk. Your team will be able to click it on the beginnig of work and stop at the end. It’s simple, intuitive and hard to forget.

I’ m sure that time tracking with Zendesk will faciliate your work a lot. You will be suprised how much time you were wasting in the past, and how much time you save now. You will be able to focus on the most profitable projects, estimate time and budget for next actions. Good luck!


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